Current Officers 


Worshipful Master – Thomas Milianti, Jr.
Senior Warden – James M. Strong
Junior Warden – 
Marvin J. Dew
Treasurer – 
David H. Carino
Secretary – Jeffrey T. Cromer 
Chaplain – George E. Roesel
Senior Deacon – 
Michael W. Towe
Junior Deacon – 
Allan A. Zarbock
Senior Steward –
Kenneth R. Farmer
Junior Steward – Russell C. Peterka
Marshal – Frank E. Kiper
Tyler - Anthony E. Collachia


2018 Worshipful Master Thomas Milianti

2018 Officers of  Wilmington Lodge 208 

2014 Officers of  Wilmington Lodge 208

From left to right back row:

Junior Deacon-Brother Thomas Milianti, Jr.. Junior Steward-Brother Michael W. Towe, Senior Deacon-Brother Thomas J. Baltz, Senior steward-Brother Kirby J. Hall, Organist-Right WB Wayne H. Austin

Front Row:

Marshal-Brother Frank D. Kiper, Senior Warden-Brother James D. Lestina, Worshipful Master-Brother Jeffrey T. Cromer, Junior Warden-WB Allen W. Pflibsen, Secretary-WB George A. Roesel, Tyler-Brother Mark E. Roesel

(Not pictured are Treasurer, Brother Christopher L. Tomblin and Chaplain, Brother Marvin J. Dew)

2014 Installing Officers

From left to right back row:

Installing Secretary-WB Jerry D. Stewart, Installing Chaplain-WB Allen W Pflibsen, Installing Senior Deacon-WB Lee M. Springer, Installing Officer and Marshal-RWB James J. Brown

Front row:

Installing Officer and Marshal-RWB Wayne H. Austin, Worshipful Master-Brother Jeffrey T. Cromer, Installing Officer-WB William E. Locke 

Worshipful Master Jeffrey T. Cromer would like to thank the Installing Officers for a wonderful installation and the Installed Officers for making the Installation a success.  A thank you is also in order to Mary Cromer (the Masters better half) for making the dinner afterwards a big hit, as well as RWB Mike Evans for his fine Photography work.


                                     2013 Officers of Wilmington Lodge 208
Front Row: (from left) Al Pflibsen-Assistant Secretary, Jeff Cromer-Senior Warden, Robert Neises-Worshipful Master,  Jim Lestina-Junior Warden, Mark Roesel-Chaplain
Back Row:(from left)Tom Milianti-Junior Steward, John O'Donnell-Tyler, Wayne Austin-Organist, Frank Kiper-Marshal, Tom Baltz-Junior Deacon
Not Pictured: Chris Tomblin-Treasurer, Al Zarbock-Secretary, Mike Marietta-Senior Steward, Bill Swope-Lodge Instructor Keith Koca-Senior Deacon(SERVING AMERICA)