Current Officers 


Worshipful Master – Jeffrey T. Cromer
Senior Warden –
Thomas Milianti, Jr.
Junior Warden –
James M. Strong
Treasurer – Christopher L. Tomblin
Secretary – George E. Roesel
Chaplain – David H. Carino
Senior Deacon – Marvin J. Dew
Junior Deacon –
Michael W. Towe
Senior Steward –
W. Derrick Tolbert
Junior Steward – Raymond Marschner
Marshal – Frank D. Kiper
Tyler -
Allan A. Zarbock

2014 Officers of  Wilmington Lodge 208

From left to right back row:

Junior Deacon-Brother Thomas Milianti, Jr.. Junior Steward-Brother Michael W. Towe, Senior Deacon-Brother Thomas J. Baltz, Senior steward-Brother Kirby J. Hall, Organist-Right WB Wayne H. Austin

Front Row:

Marshal-Brother Frank D. Kiper, Senior Warden-Brother James D. Lestina, Worshipful Master-Brother Jeffrey T. Cromer, Junior Warden-WB Allen W. Pflibsen, Secretary-WB George A. Roesel, Tyler-Brother Mark E. Roesel

(Not pictured are Treasurer, Brother Christopher L. Tomblin and Chaplain, Brother Marvin J. Dew)

2014 Installing Officers

From left to right back row:

Installing Secretary-WB Jerry D. Stewart, Installing Chaplain-WB Allen W Pflibsen, Installing Senior Deacon-WB Lee M. Springer, Installing Officer and Marshal-RWB James J. Brown

Front row:

Installing Officer and Marshal-RWB Wayne H. Austin, Worshipful Master-Brother Jeffrey T. Cromer, Installing Officer-WB William E. Locke 

Worshipful Master Jeffrey T. Cromer would like to thank the Installing Officers for a wonderful installation and the Installed Officers for making the Installation a success.  A thank you is also in order to Mary Cromer (the Masters better half) for making the dinner afterwards a big hit, as well as RWB Mike Evans for his fine Photography work.


                                     2013 Officers of Wilmington Lodge 208
Front Row: (from left) Al Pflibsen-Assistant Secretary, Jeff Cromer-Senior Warden, Robert Neises-Worshipful Master,  Jim Lestina-Junior Warden, Mark Roesel-Chaplain
Back Row:(from left)Tom Milianti-Junior Steward, John O'Donnell-Tyler, Wayne Austin-Organist, Frank Kiper-Marshal, Tom Baltz-Junior Deacon
Not Pictured: Chris Tomblin-Treasurer, Al Zarbock-Secretary, Mike Marietta-Senior Steward, Bill Swope-Lodge Instructor Keith Koca-Senior Deacon(SERVING AMERICA)

2012 Officers of  Wilmington Lodge 208
Front Row: (from left)  Jerry Steward - Treasurer, Robert Neises - Senior Warden, George Roesel - Worshipful Master, Jeff Cromer - Junior warden, Al Pflibsen - Secretary      
Back row: (from left)  Keith Koca - Senior Deacon, Wayne Austin - Organist, Chris Tomblin - Senior Steward, Alan Zarbock - Junior Steward, Mark Roesel - Marshal, Doug Hughes - Chaplain, Jim Lestina - Junior Deacon

2013 Past Masters  
Front row (from left)Al Pflibsen, Bob Neises (2013 Worshipful Master), Lee Springer, Bill Lock
Back row (from left)Mark Moon, George Roesel, Wayne Austin

2012 Past Masters
Front Row: (from left)  Jerry Stewart, Rick Gibbs, George Roesel, Lee Springer, James Davis
Back row: (from left)  Wayne Austin, William Lock, Al Pflibsen