Masons Hold Child Identification Event at Bruning School

posted Nov 1, 2012, 6:48 AM by WMLodge 208   [ updated Nov 1, 2012, 7:00 AM ]

Fifty-five children were fingerprinted, swabbed for a DNA sample, weighed, and interviewed on video during a Wilmington Masons Illinois Child Identification Program (IL CHIP) event on Thursday, October 25, at Bruning School.  

The Masons were available at the school during Parent-Teacher Conferences and collected identification information that could be used if a child went missing—by simply getting lost or from some more sinister reason.  During these events all the information that is gathered is retained by the parent or guardian, who can make it available during an emergency.  

The Masonic Child Identification Program addresses the alarming fact that over one million children are reported missing each year.  The Freemason program is the most comprehensive service of its kind.  It is provided free of any charge to all participants.  It also provides an opportunity to educate our children on safe practices, which will reduce their risk of abduction or exploitation.

Local Masons provide several opportunities during the year for parents to have their children processed for identification information.  The events are usually advertised through press releases in the Free Press/Advocate.    

    Helping with the IL CHIP event were Brethren Wes Smith, Jim Lestina, Mark Roesel, Lee Springer, John Hopwood, Ben Galyon, and Bill Locke.

Lee Springer, a Past Master of Wilmington Masonic Lodge No. 208, fingerprints 6-year-old Porter Hazzard as his brother Parker, 4, waits his turn at the Bruning School Illinois Child Identification Program event held on October 25.  Fingerprints are one identification feature gathered by the Masons as they process children in the IL CHIP program.  

A mother fills out paper work for IL CHIP as she holds her youngster. 

John Hopwood makes sure that everything is properly prepared on IL CHIP permission form. 

Lee Springer and Mark Roesel pose for a picture during a break in the action at Bruning IL CHIP event on October 25.