Masons Provide Bicycle for “Pedals for Progress” Winnertled Post

posted Jun 19, 2015, 4:46 PM by WMLodge 208   [ updated Jun 19, 2015, 4:47 PM ]
Glen Boynton, Stevens Intermediate 5th Grader, displays the bicycle presented by the Wilmington Masons after he was named the winner of the “Pedals for Progress” award.

Pictured left to right are:  Glen, Lodge Secretary George Roesel, Lodge Senior Deacon Tom Milianti, and Glen’s mother Theresa Boynton. 

Glen Boynton, a 5th grader at Stevens Intermediate School, was presented with a bicycle by the Wilmington Masonic Lodge after he was named the winner of the “Pedals for Progress” reading award.  Glen was a member of the class taught by Mrs. Robin Tkach and Mrs. Chris Flannery. 

            During the year Glen made significant progress in his reading skills.  Mrs. Stacy Roesel

thanked the Masons for encouraging all students to “do their best.”   

            The funds used to purchase the bicycle came from the Illinois Grand Lodge “Coins for Children” program.  Under that program, local lodges hold fund raisers dedicated to a particular project and the Grand Lodge matches what the local lodge spends on that project. 

            Proceeds from the lodge’s annual Chili Cook-Off held in January were earmarked for the “Pedals for Progress” project.  Chairmen for the very successful Cook-Off were Tom Milianti and Tony Collachia. 

            In an effort to promote bicycle safety, the lodge included a helmet and other accessories with the bicycle.